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The following questions are to help us get a sense of what type of service(s) you want/need. Please be sure to give us as much information as needed to be able to proceed with a quote and/or begin your order.  Thank you!
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"Chic'd" means, we will refinish, refurbish, reupholster, or repurpose your item(s), and/or custom build a new or upcycled home furnishings item.

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Also, if it's a table, does it come with a leaf? If so, how many?
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If you have more than one item, please be sure to come back to this form for each item.  For duplicate items such as multiple chairs, only submit 1 form and type the number of the amount you have below.  

Thank you for your patience & support!
If you chose, reupholstering services, do you already have the fabric?

And if you had to choose one of these fonts for your customized words/phrases, which would you choose?

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It is important that we have an image of {{answer_28965350}} This helps us to determine what/if any additional work that may need to be added to your quote.  We also don't like any hidden/unknown fees. 

If so, please send it to use by text (980-458-2442) or email, info@wechicdit.com.

{{answer_28965331}}, do you have a preset budget for this project? *

Please note that we have a baseline price for all most all items which will be in your invoice. However, this may change as the refinishing process is unique to each piece, along with the addition of paint colors, furniture repairs, and any other unforeseen issues.


If we are only picking up or delivering your furniture to one address, please leave that one address.  

If we have 2 different locations between pickup and delivery services, then please leave both addresses.
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